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About Mamba Sports Academy Mamba Sports Academy is an all-inclusive sports and fitness facility in Thousand Oaks, Ca dedicated to creating full-circle athletes of all ages and skill levels. WHAT WE DO Mamba Sports Academy Basketball utilizes cutting edge technology and an elite coaching staff to train athletes of all skill levels. Those new to the game will learn sound fundamentals: shooting, ball-handling, passing, rebounding, and defense. Our coaches will also work with each athlete in improving their speed, agility, and quickness to give them the edge over their competition. Through repetition and positive reinforcement, Mamba Sports Academy Basketball introductory programs are designed to develop a player’s skills and confidence while also making learning the sport fun and exciting. For those looking to take their performance to the next level, Mamba Sports Academy Basketball has a variety of offerings in our state-of-the-art performance campus. Our world-class team has experience with high school, AAU, and collegiate coaching, as well as being former collegiate and professional athletes themselves. They will impart decades of basketball knowledge with the use of various technology-based training tools to develop explosive speed and strength. Each coach will utilize proven sports science and technology to analyze a player’s technique, capture and store the data, and then compare it to previous information to authenticate their development. Mamba Sports Academy Basketball can also take an athlete through our advanced biomechanical evaluation process to breakdown their mechanics and improve their performance exponentially. Whether shooting or rebounding, on offense or defense, our methods of training are custom-designed to each player, allowing for more individualized improvement. Mamba Sports Academy Basketball will improve the skill level of all athletes that step onto the court. Whether it is the first time picking up a basketball or preparing for the NBA, our state-of-the-art equipment, professional coaches, and world-class campus will help each athlete run faster, jump higher, and shoot better. Our goal is to help each athlete capture untapped potential and translate that to their performance on the court.
Mamba Sports Academy, Thousand Oaks, USA